How we performed in May

We issued 14 service guarantees for the month of May. While our numbers are headed back in the right direction, our quantity accuracy and On-time Delivery numbers remain areas we are focusing on to drive improvement.

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February Distribution Performance Report

Earnest Machine is pleased to see improvement in two of our four performance metrics, Parts Accuracy and Quantity Accuracy, in February. While there is still much work to be done to push our Order Entry and On-Time Delivery metric back towards our set goals, we are nonetheless excited to see this improvement. As always, our team is working hard to address the issues related to each of our performance metrics and we are committed to improving our systems so that we can continue to deliver the best customer experience possible. 

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January Distribution Performance Report

Earnest Machine is committed to improving our performance metrics so that we can continue to deliver the best customer experience possible. Our team is currently reviewing the processes related to each performance metric to determine if any further corrections are needed. We are confident in our team and we are focused on improving our distribution performance. While some of our metrics decreased in January, we are hopeful that we will see improvement in February. 

Part Accuracy: Our Part Accuracy metric fell by 0.08% and is coming in at 0.07% below goal.

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December Distribution Performance Report

Embracing Change

At Earnest Machine, we embrace change. We not only welcome it, but we seek it out. If you have been following our distribution performance metrics over the past few months, it was easy to see we needed to do exactly that. Embrace some change. Hug the cactus on many occasions and improve our distribution performance.

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November Distribution Performance Report

Progress Update

Over the past few months, Earnest Machine has been working hard to solve the issues which have disrupted the stringent goals we’ve set for not only ourselves but the company as well. In November, we started to see the benefits of our hard work with improvements in two of our four metrics, Parts Accuracy and On-Time Delivery.
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October Distribution Performance Report

While some companies may have been pleased with the scores we had for October, Earnest Machine was not. We simply aren't achieving the goals we've set for ourselves, and this is disappointing to see because this means we've provided some of our customers with an unsatisfactory experience. At Earnest, we are continually looking to see where improvements can be effectively implemented so that they can benefit our customers.
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September Distribution Performance Report

Earnest Machine realizes our metrics for the month of September fell short of multiple goals we've set for ourselves and the company. Our metrics simply aren't that great, but you can be assured our team is working hard to push them back to where they need to be. Especially our On-Time Delivery.
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August Distribution Performance Report

Embracing change can often, at times, be difficult. Last month we realized that we needed to make some changes in our day to day operations in order to improve our company metrics. That's why, this month, Earnest Machine is pleased to see our metrics on the rise since July.
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July Distribution Performance Report

Earnest Machine is committed to delivering our customers the right part, in the right quantity, on time, every time. In reviewing our metrics for July, we have identified some key areas where we are underperforming to accomplish our goals. 
Part Accuracy: Our Part Accuracy metric fell from 99.95% (above goal) in June to 99.82%, and we issued a corrective action to identify the root cause of this and to seek out a resolution. 


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June Distribution Performance Report

We’re pleased to share our Part Accuracy metric improved in the month of June! As our customers are aware, we set high goals for our Distribution Performance. In May, our Part Accuracy was 99.79% and in June, we were able to raise it to 99.96%, beating our goal of 99.95%! Back in May, we identified the root cause of the issue, which allowed us to apply effective corrective action.

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