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A machine is as only as good as the sum of its parts, working together to accomplish a greater goal. The Earnest Machine is our team, firing on all cylinders in hot pursuit of what’s next. We need high performance parts like you. The “A” players that will help us accomplish our goals. Are you looking for a place that is fun, exciting, and down-to-earth? A place where we are as interested in helping you accomplish your career goals as you are in achieving them? If so... be a part of it. Join The Earnest Machine.

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A Day in the Life

We do what we say we’ll do. We treat our customers, suppliers, and one another with respect. We’re not afraid to make mistakes and “hug the cactus” if we can learn from it. Earnest employees are encouraged to engage and lead which fosters our creative, passionate environment.

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We do what we say we will do.

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We put the customer first in our decision making process.

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We respect our customers, suppliers and one another.

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We embrace change.

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  • Traditional Benefit Coverage
    We participate in a comprehensive health, dental, and vision insurance program with ease of use and access for employees and their dependents.
  • Flexibility
    We know things come up. That’s why we have flex hours and paid vacation and sick/personal time to help you find that ideal work/life integration. Bereavement time off is not limited. We care about you.
  • Fun & Games
    We like to have fun and we try to shake it up; we’re on a shuffleboard team (yes it’s making a comeback). We paddle board. We kayak. We enjoy food trucks. You can always find a little competitive fun during office events – especially during the holidays. And if you join us and have other ideas, we’d love to hear them.
  • Wellness
    We reward our employees for going to the doctor and offer a premium discount for those who do. And if you have something in your life that gets you moving (swing dance, spin class, cross fit, etc.) we’ll pay up to $100 for you to go and release those endorphins!
  • Financial Planning
    Just like we care about your personal health, we care about your financial health, which is why we participate in a 401k retirement plan. Additionally, we partner with our local Wells Fargo team and arrange for you to have one-on-one time to plan for your future.
  • Reimbursement
    Want to continue to grow? We can help. Let’s chat about tuition, computer, and uniform reimbursement.


  • Cleveland
  • Atlanta
  • Indianapolis
  • Birmingham

Every week we ask our employees random questions to get their feedback. Check out some of their comments.

“Earnest has an employee friendly culture. They have much to offer with benefits, flexibility, and inclusiveness. An employee does feel like a valuable part of the overall team.”

“Earnest does an excellent job making people feel valued. Every employee that I work with is helpful and appreciative. I am thanked by people multiple times. The culture has truly spread through the workforce!”


It’s not just Earnest’s nuts and bolts that work to build brighter futures; it’s also our ongoing pledge to support charitable organizations that are geared toward making a real difference in our cities and neighborhoods. Earnest’s employees are known for sharing their time, talent and treasures and making an impact through individual and combined efforts.

  • Drop in the Bucket

    Earnest raised over $25,000 which built a water well and working toilets in Uganda. Imagine not having water in your home. Imagine walking three miles to collect water that might be contaminated. Imagine changing the lives and futures of thousands of people through clean water. That is what Earnest did – imagined making an impact on thousands of lives.

  • Drop in Bucket
  • Salvation Army

    Earnest has partnered with the Cleveland branch of the Salvation Army.  Every year, employees spend time collecting and distributing toys for the Salvation Army’s annual Christmas drive.

  • Salvation Army
  • Rocky River Watershed Council

    The first Saturday in June, employees suite up to hike, and clean! Employees and their family and friends hit the wooded walking trails in the Cleveland Metroparks to pick up trash and debris. Earnest has been a strong source to the environmental clean-up effort in the Cleveland area.

  • Earnest Team cleaning up
  • High School Leadership

    At Earnest we realize the importance of training the youth of today to be the future in our industry.   On many occasions, individual employees has spoken and worked with high school children from Rocky River High School as well as Max Hayes high school. We have also hosted shadow days for students to spend time n our shop to see what manufacturing looks like through Earnest’s unique vision.

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  • Other fun ways we give back

    Earnest is always looking for new ways to contribute and aid to the communities. We host food drives, blood drives, offer employees time off to volunteer on their own as well.

  • Red Cross

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