How to Read a Part Description

This blog was created for anyone who is new to the fastener industry and might be struggling with how to read a part description. I still struggle with is myself, and thought about how last week we provided the Inch to Metric Conversion Chart. I figured we could also share a printable PDF on how to read a part description.

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First Year In Fasteners - Metric 101

I’ve been in the fastener world for about 10 months now and was just getting the hang of inch parts when we decided to launch a DIN Spec Metric Hex Head Cap Screw line to our product family. I think the initial reaction people like me would be apprehension – in the U.S. we’re used to inch and the metric world seems hard to navigate.

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Differentiating Between Plow Bolts

This week in First Year In Fasteners is all about Plow Bolts! I know some readers might think, it’s almost spring…shouldn’t we have covered this back in the fall? Well, we in the fastener industry know there’s more to plow bolts than just snow (or at least now I do).

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What Goes Into the Building You're in Right Now!

Today we’re talking about everything that goes into building buildings and bridges: Structural Fasteners!

Why use Structural Fasteners? Are they stronger than others? Well, not necessarily stronger. If your goal is to be as efficient as possible when building a building or bridge, then Structural Fasteners are what you want.

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Fully Threaded

The fasteners we're focusing on this week are Tap Bolts, which may or may not be a term that’s only used at Earnest Machine. Going over Tap Bolts with Kevin, he said he’d actually never heard the term before he came here! To him, a Tap is something that forms or cuts a thread, not the fully-threaded bolt we know and love.

No matter what you call it, this specific bolt has its own pros can cons:


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