Earnest Machine Passes ISO Surveillance Audit

Earnest Machine is pleased to announce we have passed this year’s ISO surveillance audit with no findings or concerns. To maintain ISO certification a company is subject to a three year rotation of audits beginning with a reassessment followed by surveillance audits the following two years.

Earnest Machine first achieved ISO certification over 20 years ago in order to meet a customer’s requirement. Since that time, Earnest has continued to pursue ISO and incorporate it into company culture.

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October Metrics Report

October Performance Report

Earnest Machine continues to finish above goal in Parts Accuracy in October. Order Entry, Quantity Accuracy, and On-Time Delivery are in the red, however there is improvement in On-Time Delivery up 1.29% from September. While the percentage decrease is small regarding Quantity Accuracy, we continue to look for methods of improvement as we realize each customer is important and satisfaction is key.

We issued 15 service guarantees for the month of October totaling in $750 in credits.

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Measuring Performance for Exceptional Customer Service

When it comes to providing exceptional customer service, companies like FedEx, Apple, Chick-Fil-A, Marriott and Amazon are at the top of the list year after year. Why? Because they stand behind their products and services with some of the best guarantees in their industries.

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How did we help you in August.

Earnest service metrics for August show our order entry and order fulfillment team holding above goal in Parts Accuracy and Order Entry Accuracy. These measure how accurately we enter the orders and accurately pick the right parts at our distribution centers. 
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When a customer’s timeline is on the line.

It’s not too difficult to keep clients happy. You have their parts in stock and maintain a regular delivery schedule. All is well. But when an emergency situation occurs, a machine goes down and no replacement part is on site, every hour of downtime is costing them money. Not only are they counting on you to source the part for them, but they also needed it yesterday!
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