Choosing a Machine Shop for Special Fasteners and Machined Components

Occasionally we hear from customers that they are passing on quoting "specials" because they are not confident in their ability to properly identify what their customer needs.  Many of our customers do not realize they are dealing with a special until they send an RFQ to their standard supply sources and all of them end up no quoting.

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To Print Special - Penta Head Bolt

Stainless Steel Penta Head Bolts are readily available up to 1/2" diameter, but when a customer needed a short run of a 5/8" x 3 3/4" Stainless Steel Penta Head Bolt for their customer, they turned to Earnest Engineering & Manufacturing.

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Case study: M64 Screw Skate

To Print Special - M64 Screw Skate

The M64 Screw Skate is one example of how Earnest Engineering & Manufacturing helps our customers solve their most complex fastener needs. The team sourced the raw materials, machined the part to spec and oversaw the Black Oxide coating required. What made this an exceptional experience was the care provided in shipping the product to ensure the threads were not damaged in transit and all of the services provided were billed on a single purchase order. Saving the customer time in completing additional paperwork.

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Our stocked blanks are Grade 8 (10.9 metric); heat treated and can be machined how ever you need it to be. Need fine or coarse threading? Full or partial thread? With a locking patch? As a Shoulder Bolt? Drilled or slotted for any special application you need.

Large Diameter Hex Head Cap Screws
7/8” to 2” Diameter.
Up to 20” in length.
Grade 8 Heat Treated.
Metric sizes M30, M36 & M42, Grade 10.9.
Custom finishes available.
Coarse or Fine Thread.
Full or Partial Thread.

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March Service Metrics

Finishing out March on a positive note was a welcome sight to the Earnest Team. Though we gave back .01% on our Quantity Accuracy, we improved by .05% in Parts Accuracy and Order Entry Accuracy, ending the month nearly perfect at 99.99% accuracy rate.

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Custom Hex Cap Screws and Blanks

Earnest Engineering and Manufacturing Centers can customize stocked blank Hex Cap Screws from 7/8” to 2” diameter and up to 20” long. All blanks are Grade 8; heat treated and can be machined to fine or coarse threading; full or partial thread; with a locking patch, as a Shoulder Bolt, drilled or slotted for any special application you need.
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Two steps forward, one step back

After a bumpy January in regards to Service Metrics, the team started getting their groove back in February. We worked hard to address our .01% shortfall in Quantity Accuracy and made a .04% improvement in Order Entry Accuracy.
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