Case Study: Hydraulic Fitting Nut

A quick and creative solution to save the day.

After inadvertently providing another supplier incorrect specs, a customer came to us with a rush order for 10,000 left- and right-hand threaded nuts for hydraulic fittings. And just like Mighty Mouse, Earnest Machine was there to save the day.

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Case Study: 17-4PH Stainless Steel Shoulder Bolt

Wind turbines are a great source of clean, renewable energy. But capturing the power of the wind requires equipment that can stand up to all kinds of weather…and wind. So when a customer needed 17-4 PH stainless steel shoulder bolts for a wind turbine, they turned to Earnest Engineering & Manufacturing. 17-4 PH is a chromium-nickel grade of stainless that offers good corrosion resistance in operating temperatures up to 600ºF. Because of its hardness, it tends to chip and “work harden” as material is removed in the machining process.

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