Here's How We Performed in September

September Distribution Performance Report

Earnest Machine realizes our metrics for the month of September fell short of multiple goals we've set for ourselves and the company. Our metrics simply aren't that great, but you can be assured our team is working hard to push them back to where they need to be. Especially our On-Time Delivery. At Earnest, we are committed to providing our customers with the best in class customer experience possible, and we will continue to work exceptionally hard in order to do so.

Parts Accuracy




Part Accuracy: Our Part Accuracy metric improved by .03% as we edged back into the 99.9% range during September. 

Quantity Accuracy


Quantity Accuracy: Our Quantity Accuracy exceeded our goal of 99.94%, increasing .04% from August to September.
Individual DC scores: 
Austell – 99.98%
Indy – 99.97%
England – 100.00%
EMC – 100.00%

Order Entry Accuracy






Order Entry: Our Order Entry metric remains .05% below our goal of 99.93%. However, this was our best order entry performance month so far in 2020 which demonstrates improvement. 

Order Entry Accuracy score was 99.88%. 

On-Time Delivery
On-time Delivery: Our On-Time Delivery metric still remains below goal and our team is focusing on interpreting data from different perspectives to better understand how we can drive this number back towards our goal. 
On-Time Delivery – 88.01
Austell – 84.02% 
Indy – 93.59%


Service Guarantees: Nineteen service guarantees were issued in September for a total of $950.00.