1/2-13x4 Case Hardened Square Hd Set Screw Plain Finish Cup Point
Diameter Thread Threads Length Grade Finish Weight
0.5000 (1/2) Partial 13 4.0000 (4) Plain Finish 0.1972
Diameter 0.5000 (1/2)
Thread 13
Length 4.0000 (4)
Finish Plain Finish
Weight 0.1972

Similar to Hex Sockets, Square Heads are the original Set Screws. Found in older equipment, the screws offer the same benefits as the Hex Sockets. However, they’re designed with an external square head, which is smaller than the body diameter. Earnest offers Square Head Sockets in case hardened steel.

Square Head – Case Hardened

  • Square head design
  • Original Set Screw
  • Sizes range from 1/2” to 7/8"
  • Meets B18.6.2 standards

    • Support 1-800-327-6378