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USA Heavy Flange Bolts

USA Hex Flange Screws

Learn more about our new line of DFARS Compliant E10.9 USA Heavy Hex Flange Bolts.

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Hex Head Cap Screws

Grde 8

Learn more about our new and improved line of Grade 8 Hex Head Cap Screws.

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USA Hex Flange Screws

USA Hex Flange Screws

Learn more about our new line of DFARS Compliant E8 USA Hex Flange Screws.

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Custom Fastener Solutions

Custom Fasteners

To print specials, custom fastener conversion and traditional secondary machining services.

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Packing Services

Packaging & Kitting

We offer product kits for Bolts, Hex Nuts, Washers and more, in the exact quantity you need.

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Product Identification Services

Part Identification

Have a fastener you have never seen? Upload a picture to us and our application team wIll help you figure it out.

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Drop Shipping Services

Drop Shipping

Want to save time and money. Customized drop shipping helps you manage delivery times, inventory and save cost to your customer.

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Get what you need, when you need it. Guaranteed.

Introducing the Earnest Service Guarantee. If we send you the wrong part, enter your order incorrectly, short you a quantity or deliver a priority air shipment late. Not only will we make it right, we'll credit your account $50. More info >