Diameter Thread Threads Length Grade Finish Weight
0.0730 (#1) Partial 72 0.3750 (3/8) Black Oxide 0.0006
Diameter 0.0730 (#1)
Thread 72
Length 0.3750 (3/8)
Finish Black Oxide
Weight 0.0006

Earnest offers Regular Head, Low Head, Button Head, and Flat Head Cap Screws.

Regular Head Socket Screws

The Regular Head Socket Screws are otherwise known as the Counterbore Socket Screws, Allen Screws, or Allen Head Screws. They have a socketed hex head, and their flat bottom fits into a counterbore hole. The cap screws are used in machinery, equipment, stomping process, and many other applications. Earnest offers the screws in alloy steel.

Regular Head Socket Screw – Alloy Steel

  • Internal hex drive
  • Flat bottom fits into counterbore hole
  • Used on stamping press, plastic injection molding machines, and tool and dye work
  • Size range from #8 to 1 1/2”
  • ASME B18.3 dimensional standards
  • Meets ASTM A574 standards