M10-1.5 ISO 10 Thin Nyl Ins L/Nut DIN 985 Zinc Clear
Diameter Thread Threads Length Grade Finish Weight
10.0000 (M10) N/A 1.5 ISO 10 Zinc Clear 0.0200
Diameter 10.0000 (M10)
Thread 1.5
Grade ISO 10
Finish Zinc Clear
Weight 0.0200

  • ISO 10

The dimensional standard DIN 985 calls the nylon insert lock nuts in this standard as “thin but this designation is not the same as the inch series thin nuts NTE. DIN 985 lock nuts have a thickness that is equivalent to the bolt diameter they are designed to be used on (example an M10 nut per this spec will be 10mm thick). These are called “thin” nuts because they are thinner than nylon insert lock nuts made to DIN 982 or DIN 6924. Thin nylon insert lock nuts in inch sizes (NTE series) are about half as thick as a DIN 985 nut.

Nylon Insert lock nuts per DIN 985 are designed with an elastic nylon insert around the top rim, which locks onto the male thread to prevent loosening. Earnest offers DIN 985 nylon insert lock nuts in metric strength levels of Property Class 8 and 10.

  • The nylon ring’s tensile strength, elastic recovery, chemical resistance, temperature resistance, and impact resistance enables Nylon Insert Lock Nuts to resist vibrations and impact forces while maintaining the applied preload on the fastener
  • Sizes range from M3 to M48
  • Meets DIN 985 standards

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