M12-1.5x85 Serrated Shldr Wheel Bolt Zinc Clear Trivalent per Drwg# 7521305
Diameter Thread Threads Length Grade Finish Weight
12.0000 (M12) Partial 1.5 85.0000 (85) Zinc Clear Trivalent 0.1862
Diameter 12.0000 (M12)
Thread 1.5
Length 85.0000 (85)
Finish Zinc Clear Trivalent
Weight 0.1862

Wheel Bolts, or Wheel Studs, are used to fasten tires in automotive, motor, and construction equipment. Their serrated shoulders are engineered to lock the bolt into place holding its position in the most demanding vibrating applications. Earnest meets GM specifications and offers Grade 5 (Class 8.8) in inch and metric.

Wheel Bolt – Grade 5

  • Enlarged serrated shoulder locks bolt in place
  • Used in automotive and construction equipment
  • Able to withstand the most demanding applications
  • Available in 1/2” size
  • Meets GM standards

    • Support 1-800-327-6378