M6-1x35 ISO 8.8 Hex Hd Cap Screw DIN 931 Plain Finish
Diameter Thread Threads Length Grade Finish Weight
6.0000 (M6) Partial 1 35.0000 (35) ISO 8.8 Plain Finish 0.0184
Diameter 6.0000 (M6)
Thread 1
Length 35.0000 (35)
Grade ISO 8.8
Finish Plain Finish
Weight 0.0184

  • ISO 8.8
  • Carbon Steel

New to the Earnest Machine Family, DIN Spec Metric Hex Head Cap Screws. Available in sizes M6 to M33 in Zinc Yellow or Zinc Clear plating. As with all Earnest products, we offer custom plating and carry blank stock to create custom parts to fit your customers’ specific needs.

Product Attributes
Partial Thread (DIN 931)
Full Thread (DIN 933)
Property Class 8.8 (Carbon Steel)
Property Class 10.9 (Alloy Steel)

Product Application
Heavy Equipment

Available Value Added Services
Broken & Full case quantities
Branded Drop Shipping
Kitting and Packaging
Rework services available

  • Drilling
  • Custom Plating


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