Diameter Thread Threads Length Grade Finish Weight
0.2500 (1/4) N/A 20 0.0120
Diameter 0.2500 (1/4)
Thread 20
Weight 0.0120

Thin Heavy Hex Nylon Inset Lock Nuts are also known as NTU Nylon Insert Lock Nuts, Heavy Hex Jam Lock Nut, Heavy Hex Thin Lock Nuts, Thin Heavy Nylok Nuts, Thin Heavy Stop Nuts, Thin Heavy Plastic Insert Lock Nuts, Thin Heavy Non-Metallic Insert Nuts, and Thin Heavy Polyamide Lock Nut.

Whatever you may call them, the nuts are half the height of Hex Nylon Insert Lock Nuts and have a larger width across the flats. The design provides a wider bearing load in low-clearance applications. The nylon ring flows into the thread of a bolt or screw creating a locking action around the thread. Earnests offer the nut in Grade A.

NTU Nylon Inset Lock Nut – Grade A

  • Used in high-vibration and low-clearance applications
  • The nylon ring’s tensile strength, elastic recovery, chemical resistance, temperature resistance, and impact resistance enables Nylon Insert Lock Nuts to resist vibrations and impact forces while maintaining the applied preload on the fastener
  • Larger across the flats to provide greater bearing area
  • Low profile for low-clearance applications
  • Rockwell Hardness:
  • Up to 1”: Rc 26/34
  • Over 1”: Rc 26/36
  • Sizes range from 1/4 to 3
  • Meets IFI 100/107 standards

    • Support 1-800-327-6378