Diameter Thread Threads Length Grade Finish Weight
0.5000 (1/2) Partial 6 2.5000 (2 1/2) Plain Finish 0.1500
Diameter 0.5000 (1/2)
Thread 6
Length 2.5000 (2 1/2)
Finish Plain Finish
Weight 0.1500

Used in the construction industry, Concrete Form Bolts, or Form Bolts, help build concrete walls, sidewalks, roads, and buildings. Their special thread design allows the ability to assemble and disassemble concrete forms with ease. The “coil” thread, a special wide thread with a rounded root form, is designed to be self-cleaning while it’s unthreaded good for multiple uses.

Hex Bolt with Coil Threads – Grade 2

  • Used in building construction to fasten concrete forms
  • Special wide thread with a rounded root form
  • Self-cleaning threads allows multiple uses
  • Easy and quick assembly and disassembly
  • Diameter sizes range from 1/2" to 3/4"

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