The Hidden Cost of Carrying Inventory

Whenever we’re about to run out of paper towels at home, we pick up a 12-pack at our local warehouse club.

While the per-roll price is better when we buy them by the dozen, we only currently need one roll. So that means we have to store the remaining 11 rolls, taking up lots of shelf space in the pantry and tying up money that could be spent on something else that offers a bit more immediate gratification, such as frosty adult beverages, for instance.

Storing 92 percent of a case of paper towels at home isn’t truly a burden in terms of space or money.

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Broaden Your Audience With E-Commerce

When Earnest Machine launched its first e-commerce site in 2010, the company wasn’t sure how well it would be received by customers. Seven years later, Earnest is on the third iteration of its e-commerce site, which now accounts for nearly 20 percent of the company’s sales.

While Earnest’s e-commerce effort is a leader in the fastener world, it’s becoming increasingly commonplace in B2B sales.

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Goodbye Winter, Hello Construction!

That’s right, folks – we made it! Now’s the time to break out the construction equipment and furnish it with all the Earnest Machine bolts, nuts and screws that keep it running smoothly.

Our products are top notch, our inventories are stocked and our webstore is at your fingertips.

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