The benefits of building a strong culture

The Benefits of Building a Strong Culture

Earnest Machine receives recognition for displaying a strong and distinct work culture

While the challenges of the global pandemic forced many companies to adopt a “just making it through” approach, Earnest Machine flourished. Thanks to a strong commitment to its most valued asset. It's culture.

Smart Culture LogoSmart Business Cleveland and Alliance Group has awarded Earnest Machine with the Smart Culture Award for the second year in a row, recognizing the company for demonstrating how culture improves productivity, enhances job satisfaction, and provides a marketplace competitive advantage.

Company values are the bedrock of culture.
At the foundation of Earnest Machine’s culture lies the companies core values that empowers employees to do what they need to do to create the best customer experience.
Put the needs of customers first.
Respect one another, customers, and suppliers.
Embrace change and continue to learn.
Do what you say you will do.

Embracing these core values helped turn a difficult year into a year of growth.

“When the pandemic began, Earnest Machine was in the middle of an acquisition. Each of our core values were tested every day.” states Elise Bastian, Director of Culture and Talent Development. “Our teams commitment to our core values helped us integrate new processes, add new product inventory, and most importantly build new customer relationships, under some trying circumstances”

Founded in 1948, Earnest Machine is a master industrial distributor and manufacture of large diameter and specialty fasteners. Often, long-standing companies like Earnest Machine can get stuck in a “keep it as usual” mindset. By focusing on evolving its company practices, Earnest Machine has been able to gain a competitive advantage within the marketplace by breaking the mold.

You get what you give
The Smart Culture Award recognizes companies in Northeastern Ohio for inspiring employee performance, creating an employer-of-choice environment, and appreciating the employees who impact revenue.

Earnest Machine believes that its success is a direct result of providing employees with personal and professional growth opportunities, fun and educational continuous education initiatives, and community involvement. Regardless of role and without the standard hierarchal structure.

“Earnest is pushing the boundaries of what’s expected. Leading by example to push the industry forward.” states Kirk Zehnder, third generation President and CEO of Earnest Machine. “The Smart Culture Award is validation to customers and industry peers that they too can use culture as a competitive advantage for business through its employee focus.”.

It just goes to show that focusing on culture has its rewards.