Earnest Machine Implements CliftonStrengths

When it comes to developing employees, many companies are like parents who focus on the C’s and D’s rather than the A’s and B’s on their child’s report card; they focus on trying to improve employees’ weaknesses rather than taking advantage of their natural strengths.

Earnest Machine recently took a big step toward ensuring that the company’s focus on employee development is both engaging for employees and beneficial to the company’s success. By adapting and embracing CliftonStrengths, both employees and employer know what natural talents make each person uniquely them. CliftonStrengths recognizes 34 unique strengths that fall within four domains; Strategic Thinking, Influencing, Relationship Building, and Executing.  Understanding each person’s strengths helps Earnest Machine understand how to further develop each employee’s natural talents as well as provide opportunities for them to demonstrate their talents as strengths in their position within the company.

According to Gallup Research, 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use CliftonStrengths as part of a strength-based employee development strategy because it emphasizes and builds on each employee’s natural strengths. While it helps individuals become even more productive, research has shown that CliftonStrengths also increases customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and company profitability.

At Earnest, our goal is to build ourselves as a strength-based organization where our employees are engaged because their talents are on display and being utilized to their maximum.