November Distribution Performance Rate

November Distribution Performance Report

Progress Update

Over the past few months, Earnest Machine has been working hard to solve the issues which have disrupted the stringent goals we’ve set for not only ourselves but the company as well. In November, we started to see the benefits of our hard work with improvements in two of our four metrics, Parts Accuracy and On-Time Delivery. We will continue to monitor our metrics and evaluate where improvements can be made in order to benefit our customers so that we can provide the best in class customer experience possible.

Part Accuracy: Our Part Accuracy metric improved by 0.04% and remains below goal by 0.03%

Parts Accuracy






Individual DC scores: 
Austell – 99.85%
Indy – 100.00%
England – 100.00%
EMC – 100.00%

Quantity Accuracy: Our Quantity Accuracy metric fell by 0.01% and remains below goal by 0.03%

Quantity Accuracy

Individual DC scores: 
Austell – 99.87%
Indy – 99.95%
England – 100.00%
EMC – 100.00%

Order Entry: Our Order Entry metric fell by 0.06% and remains below goal by 0.14%

Order Entry Accuracy






On-time Delivery: Our On-Time Delivery metric improved by 5.86% and remains below goal by 2.6%

On Time Delivery
On-Time Delivery – 99.16%
Austell – 91.53%
Indy – 96.76%

Service Guarantees: Twenty-five service guarantees were issued in November for a total of $1,250.00