October Distribution Performance Report

October Distribution Performance Report

While some companies may have been pleased with the scores we had for October, Earnest Machine was not. We simply aren't achieving the goals we've set for ourselves, and this is disappointing to see because this means we've provided some of our customers with an unsatisfactory experience. At Earnest, we are continually looking to see where improvements can be effectively implemented so that they can benefit our customers. With that, our hope is to see these metrics improve and move closer to our goals in the coming months.

Parts Accuracy Metric






Part Accuracy: Our Part Accuracy metric fell by .03% during October.

Quantity Accuracy

Quantity Accuracy: Our Quantity Accuracy fell by .06% during October and is .02% shy of our goal of 99.94%
Individual DC scores: 
Austell – 99.80%
Indy – 99.95%
England – 100.00%
EMC – 100.00%


Order Entry Accuracy Metric






Order Entry: Our Order Entry metric remains .08% below our goal of 99.93%

Our Order Entry Accuracy score was 99.85%

On-Time Delivery

On-time Delivery: Our On-Time Delivery metric still remains below our goal of 96.75% however, this metric did see a .29% increase during October. 
On-Time Delivery – 88.30%
Austell – 82.69%
Indy – 94.77%


Service Guarantees: Twenty-six service guarantees were issued in October for a total of $1,300.00